Why We Are

Just because "I care" | "I love you" | "we have a new baby" | "I'm sorry" | "I'm proud of you" | "You need a boost" | "I felt like surprising you | "It's your wedding day" | You got that promotion" | "You are awesome parents" | "I want to cheer you up" | "You mean so much" | "I saw you in a crowd" | "We made it through" | "I appreciate you" | "You have graduated" | Just Because...


It started with the thought of creating the most unique hand made confection indulgence using the nostalgic tradition of pairing fruit and chocolate. Since unique was the promise, we couldn't just use any fruit off the shelf. It had to the best size and quality. The high quality fruit is then paired with best Belgian quality chocolate creating a product so mouth watering decadent unlike any other.


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