Delicious and exquisite gift boxes of various sizes featuring fresh, juicy, ripe strawberries dipped in decadent milk or dark Belgian chocolate or in custom coloured white chocolate to suit your individual taste. Whatever the occasion whatever the theme we can work with you to bring your desired theme and colour scheme to life. Perfect gifts for any and every occasion. 

Tuxedo Berries

From R 325.00 - R 420.00

Assorted Berry Deluxe

From R 179.00 - R 795.00

The Pink Platter

From R 475.00 - R 750.00

Hello Kitty Berry Deluxe

From R 350.00 - R 825.00

Dapper Red Gift Box

From R 205.00 - R 750.00

Swizzle Indulgence Gift Box

From R 165.00 - R 725.00

Pink With Love Gift Box

From R 165.00 - R 390.00

White Chocolate Berry Roses

From R 285.00 - R 380.00

Simply Decadent

From R 165.00 - R 695.00

Deluxe Indulgence

From R 185.00 - R 770.00

Nuts About Chocolate

From R 160.00 - R 770.00

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